Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taking a class

I joined a couple of months ago to see if I could find some similar interest groups to attend. And I came across the VegPhoenix group. I attended a pot-luck of raw and vegetable loving hippies like myself. It was enjoyable, relaxing, and of course, delicious!

Come to find out, the host Peggy Nungesser teaches a Raw Lifestyle class called The Hallelujah Diet. And it along with the curriculum is only $250 for 9 weeks! I signed up and have been to two class so far. I learned quite a bit last are my favorites:

"Ultimately, all food on the planet, whether animal or vegetable, directly or indirectly comes from chlorophyll. Scientists would love to duplicate photosynthesis, because it would provide an endless source of food and energy. But even more amazing is that this 'blood of plants' is a chemical cousin to hemin. Hemin is a part of hemoglobin, the red, iron-rich, oxegyn-carrying portion of human blood. Wheatgrass juice (and all vegetable juice and sprouts) literally gives you a sunshine transfusion. When you drink it, this enzyme-rich and metabolically active fresh living food, transfers its high vibration to your system, raises your 'kundalini' or 'chi' and gives you a natural high. It is the energetic lift that enhances your ability to heal.", excerpt from "Why Wheatgrass is Nature's Finest Medicine" by Steve Meyerowitz.

Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin. Our bodies produce enough of it naturally if we get 15 minutes of sunlight per day.

Calcium neutralizes acidity. (bodies mainly fed cooked food are acidic - cancer causing). Cow's milk is very high in phosphorus which reduces the ability of the human body to absorb the calcium by 75%. Better sources of 100% absorbable calcium are fiber rich green leafy vegetables.

Soaking beans, nuts and seeds for 24 hours prior to eating or cooking is essential. All three have a natural enzyme inhibitor that is bad for our bodies. This is what allows them to go dormant for storage. After 24 hours the bean has not yet sprouted, but the enzyme inhibitor has been soaked out. This improves digestibility. Afterward if you like your nuts and seeds crunchy, you can dehydrate them - even adding herbs and seasonings for flavor.

Vitamin B12 is lacking in the body due to many reasons, mainly consumption of animal products and conventional and gmo farming which kills natural enzymes that our digestive tract needs - from the use of pesticides and the harvesting of un-ripe produce. A Pro-biotic supplement is recommended for anyone who enters into a cleansing routine.

Fresh ground Flax seed is the best fiber supplement for vegans and vegetarians. Omega fatty acids too.

The 5 killer foods:
sugar, caffeine, white flour, meat/animal products, salt
Think back to your last 24 hours. How much of these killer foods did you consume?

We are the only animal on the plant who routinely kills the vital living enzymes in our food, by cooking it. We are the sickest of all the animals on the planet.

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