About Me

So who am I? An eccentric granola hippie, holed up in an off-the-grid shack with a self sustaining farm in rural Iowa?

Ha Ha - maybe someday!

But today I am:

Living in the city, married with two boys, 5 & 7. I work from home at my small business. I'm a soccer mom. I work out at the gym. I love hiking. We travel when we have the time. And enjoy our downtime just as much.

Someday I'd like to live a little more rural, with our own big garden and little farm for the kids to do 4H, a little less summer and a little more seasons.

But I'm just like most of you. Thirsty for knowledge and energy. Wanting to connect more with the important things in life, and less with the less important.

Photo taken November 2010.