Why Raw?

This blog is a diary of my experiment with my own body - going on a mostly Raw food diet for 1 whole year.

When we think meal, food, eating. We think cooked. It's always been that way and we are hard wired to visualize a pot, a stove, or a microwave whenever we think about eating. And I am still thinking that way. But I know that will change over time.

The reason I chose raw over vegetarian or vegan, or some other "healthy diet" is that the act of cooking your food over a certain temperature - I think it's 118 degrees, depletes around 50% of the absorbable nutrients in it. And the longer you cook it, the less nutritional it becomes. So then, when you put it into your mouth, you are only getting 50% or less of the possible nutrition. It seems silly put that way, right?

It appears that the only reason we cook our foods is to change the flavor or texture. Or with some things like meats, to ensure there is no harmful bacteria. And because a good, heavy, hot meal is comforting to the body - especially when you've had a stressful day and just want to crash - a hot meal forces the body to slow down. Why? Because heavy foods - especially meats - take longer to digest. Your bodies' energies are directed to digestion, and much of your other bodily functions are shut down for a time.

I watched a pretty boring documentary the other day called "Food Matters". And though it wasn't exciting, it was enlightening. The idea that we can treat our bodies at the cellular level by consuming foods that are micronutrient rich and quickly absorbable - something that should be common sense - sadly just isn't. Seriously, when you put something in your mouth, do you think about how it will be used by your body? The film also explained the successful treatment of cancers using Vitamin C IVs - at ridiculously high doses. (Unfortunately it's been banned by law.) In a world where we think cancer = chemo, a natural and safe treatment is available, but it's illegal - how backwards is this medical culture?

So I have decided to feed my cells. That is what RAW means to me. Micronutrient nutrition - as often as possible. It has nothing to do with animal cruelty or being lactose intolerant. Though, it's nice to know that I may be saving the lives of a few cows, chickens or pigs.

I hope you enjoy following me on my journey!